“I found this was the best way for me to meet coaches and decide whether I wanted to be coached by them for university and gave them the best access to getting to know me and whether they wanted me too. It was a far better set-up than a normal showcase. It was a showcase for the coaches as much as it was for the athletes.

The camp also allowed me to get a taste of living away from home for a time. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to play soccer at university because it is a very realistic experience for the beginning of university soccer and the chances of being able to interact with coaches are far greater than at a showcase where they come simply to watch you play in one game. Having practice sessions as well as games in the showcase is also very useful because you get a lot more time on the ball during the practices so coaches have more information to draw on rather than the couple times you might touch a ball in a game.”

Mara McCleary – 2014, 2015 camper now at UNBC