Camper Testimonials

Camper Testimonials

“This ID camp is where you don’t just get university coaches looking at you and writing your name down on a list, but you actually get coached by them and have them run training sessions. This is very special, because you learn and develop while you are there, which is not usually the case at ID camps.”

Emily Moore – 2014, 2015 camper now at UBC

“The camp allowed me to continue to train during the time of the year when my soccer season had slowed down. It provided the experience of living in a dorm atmosphere. I was able to reconnect with a familiar Coach, that being Craig Smith (Head Coach of Quest University at that time). Just over a year later, I was offered to play under Head Coach Craig Smith at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, commencing in the 2017 Season.”

Kacee Ougden – 2015 camper now at UBCO

“I found this was the best way for me to meet coaches and decide whether I wanted to be coached by them for university and gave them the best access to getting to know me and whether they wanted me too. It was a far better set-up than a normal showcase. It was a showcase for the coaches as much as it was for the athletes. The camp also allowed me to get a taste of living away from home for a time. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to play soccer at university because it is a…

Mara McCleary – 2014, 2015 camper now at UNBC

“My overall experience at the camp was very positive! It gave me insight on what college coaches are looking for. It gave me helpful tips on how to promote myself. One thing I would say to the players who are trying to get scouted. Timing is everything.”

Mitch Lefebvre – 2015 camper now at the University of Guelph

“I can’t even put into words how much attending this camp changed my life. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to play at the next level.”

Danielle Desrochers – 2014, 2015 camper now at Bishop’s University

“Helped familiarize myself with what college / university coaches are expecting. It was an opportunity to prove myself, become a leader, have fun and meet new people.”

Cody Gysbers – 2014, 2015 camper now at UNBC

“The camp was a great experience for me and gave me real exposure to University Coaches. I actually was first introduced to my future school there when Alan Alderson spoke which allowed me to research more and find that UNBC was the right fit as a school for me.”

Aidan Way – 2014 camper now at UNBC

“It is a great camp to gain exposure from college coaches. It teaches you what they are looking for, how to talk to coaches, and how to prepare for university.”

Simon Norgrove – 2015 camper now at the University of Guelph

“Great experience, exposure, and training opportunities with different coaches. The camp helped me with my school decision.”

Sam Fletcher – 2014, 2015, 2016 camper committed to attend UBC

“Being involved in the camp was a great experience for me personally. Being around people for a week who have the same aspirations and goals as you do is quite comforting. The process of being scouted for a varsity team can be exciting but stressful at times and everybody there was going through the same process so we were able to share our thoughts and feelings on a subject mostly everyone was familiar with. In the camp I had the chance to be coached by many CIS and NCAA coaches. Not only were we coached by them but throughout the…

Morgan Asling – 2016 camper now at Western University

“It is a great opportunity to showcase your abilities as a developing soccer player, and to be exposed to multiple high level university coaches. I really enjoyed having the chance to work with each coach first hand. It allowed for me to better distinguish their coaching styles and to build connections. The Western Canada College ID Camp was a massive tool in me reaching my athletic goals, and I recommend it to any aspiring players who are seeking the next level.”

Anika Shelrud – 2015 camper now at the University of Northern Colorado

“This camp provided the opportunity for college coaches that had already been in contact with me to further evaluate my game, and also helped me network with other coaches that had never seen me play before. Furthermore, it was really valuable having hands on coaching from the head coaches of prospective schools, as it gave me an idea of their coaching style / character. Off the field, I also had a blast hanging out with other like-minded guys that I’m still in contact with to this day, and getting to experience a ‘dorm-life’ atmosphere. I would highly recommend this camp…

Aidan Moore – 2014 camper now at the Trinity Western University